Opening in Austin, Texas Fall 2021.

Neu home ownership, made easy

First come, first serve, no offer home buying

Frustrated with the old way to buy a home? Tired of trying to buy a home for your family only to be outbid by other offers who can pay more than asking price and pay cash? Now there is a Neu way to become a homeowner! Watch the video below to learn more.

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Neu renter

Not everyone is ready yet to buy a home. That is why at Neu we offer our Neu renter program. Each month Neu credits a portion of your rent to your Neu down payment fund so you can easily become a Neu owner when you are ready.

Neu Owner

Down payments starting at $4,995

Customize your Neu home

Grow your home on-demand

Fully furnished options

Neu smart home technology

Start Building

Neu Renter

Starting at $925/month

Customize your Neu home

1 month deposit

2 year lease

Neu down payment fund

Start Building